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Nectar Collector Kit

What is a nectar collector kit? 

A nectar collector kit is a silicone kit that holds all the necessary tools for dabbing on the go. These tools usually included a nectar collector made from glass or titanium, a packing tool, and a container to store concentrates.


Why use a silicone nectar collector kit

One of the main reasons to use a silicone nectar collector kit is for convenience. Having a packing tool, container, and nectar collector all concealed in your pocket is easy. When you're ready to use, all your tools are right there. Having a container also keeps your tool and nectar collector clean from lint and dust.

White Rhino offers many different nectar collector travel kits. The Chillum to Straw, Dabtainer, Dab Out, and Dual are all silicone nectar collectors kits that range in size and price. Each one offers different tools, containers, and different nectar collectors.

Chillum to Straw

This nectar collector kit is the most affordable and can be used for both concentrates and dry herbs. On one side of the glass tip you have a chillum one hitter for dry herbs, and on the other side, a glass tip to be used with concentrates. The Chillum to straw mouthpiece is silicone, and the tip comes in pyrex and quartz glass. Pyrex is suitable for low-temperature use and quartz is best for high-temperature use. You can view the Chillum To Straw here.


The next step up from Flip is Dabtainer. Dabtainer is a silicone mouthpiece that houses a thicker pyrex glass tip compared. Due to the thickness of the nectar tip, it is more durable and has more surface area to dab on. Dabtainer also has a silicone jar that can store your wax, making it a good nectar collector travel kit. You can view Dabtainer here

Dab Out

Our most popular nectar collector kit is Dab Out. Dab Out comes with a glass straw, packing tool, and three compartments to store concentrates. Dab Out comes in regular and glow in the dark. The standard kit comes with a pyrex glass straw, and the glow in the dark comes with a quartz glass straw. Pyrex is suitable for low temperature, quartz is better for high-temperature use and is more durable. You can view Dab Out here.


The biggest of all the nectar collector kits is Dual. Dual comes with a quartz glass straw, glass chillum to use with dry herbs, glass container to store dry herbs, packing tool, and two compartments to store wax. Dual is the ultimate silicone nectar collector kit. You can view Dual here