Dabtainer Glow In The Dark Orange White

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Introducing the next big step in your wax and concentrate experience – meet the Dabtainer Glow In The Dark Nectar Collector Silicone! This innovative combination of nectar collector and silicone jar container is all you need for superior dabbing, now with a spectacular glow-in-the-dark finish.

This 2 in 1 product contains everything you need for an optimal dab experience, featuring luxurious quartz glass tips that measure 2mm thick for an ultra flavor hit. You’ll never have to worry about breakage while traveling thanks to the compact design that allows all components to fit into the dabtainer’s snug frame, plus there are plenty of other perks too like its special glow-in-the dark feature that’s sure to make waves at even the most trendy of parties.

Take your concentrate game up a notch with the Dabtainer Glow In The Dark Nectar Collector Kit. Convenience and style come together in this amazing lightweight yet durable device.


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