Dab Out Container with Quartz straw Glow in the Dark

  • 1 Glass Straw
  • 1 Packing Tool
  • 1 Dabout Silicone Container
  • Great for high temperature use

The Dabout glow in the dark container features three separate compartments for your concentrates. The Glow in the dark comes with a Quartz glass straw and a packing tool. It's basically a dugout for concentrates. Quartz is great for high temperature use because it has a higher melting point compared to pyrex glass.

Cleaning Tip: Overtime silicone will attract dust and lint. To clean take a piece of tape and rub on silicone to clean.dab out silicone container

User manual

Best Silicone Container

 The Dabout is a unique one of a kind, first of it's own container for concentrates. The Dabout silicone container holds a White Rhino glass straw and packing tool.

3 Concentrate Compartments

The Dabout silicone container allows you to dab right out of the side of the container. When you are done just simply put the glass straw back in glass compartment and pop the lid on and go.