White Rhino Warranty


Glass Products and atomizers are not covered under any warranty

ATTENTION:  This product is intended for legal herbs (Sage, Lavender), E-Juice And Waxy oils (Concentrated E-juice) only. Use intended cartridge for each element. 

All Warranties Will be voided and no returns will be accepted if any White Rhino Products have been used with any illegal paraphernalia and/ substances. 

ATTENTION: All exchange requests MUST be submitted with(WC-Form), a proof-of-purchase, and defected items to be exchanged. This request must be received within warranty period from the original purchase date (refer to user manual). We reserve the right to refuse any exchange request that does not meet these requirements. We recommend that you return your product via traceable mail we are not responsable for undelivered exchanges. White Rhino is not responsible for reimbursing any shipping fees incurred when returning exchanges.  Any package received without a proof-of-purchase will be returned to the sender. We reserve the right to refuse any exchange request that does not meet these requirements. 

White Rhino USA is not liable for any items that are lost or damaged while in transit. 
if package is lost or damaged you would need to contact your shipping agent to file a dispute.

Note: Due the hygienic nature of the products the warranty does not cover heating cartridges
For WC-Form click here, or call or email customer service. Please allow 1-2 weeks for processing once warranty has been received. Please follow the steps below when sending in a warranty claim.
* please get tracking number from shipping agent, to track your order. 
* ship order in a small box or secure envelope.
For your protection, when sending in a  warranty claim, make sure you get a tracking number from the sender. If your package is not delivered and there is no tracking on it, there is nothing we can do. Also make sure when sending your warranty in, to fully seal and secure your package so nothing falls out. If you send a battery in and the envelope is ripped and empty, there is nothing we can do. Customers must provide their own shipping for warranty.

Customer is responsible for paying shipping back for warranty claim

Confirmation Number

If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail by 3:00 pm MST, Please contact our Customer Service at (855)-803-8883.

Missing Product

Orders with missing product must be reported within 24 hours of deliver time. Or no action can be taken

Ebay and Amazon purchases

Product purchased from ebay, amazon, craigslist, rakuten etc will not be covered under any warranty  because these are not authorized dealers of White Rhino Products. Order Not Received  Once your order leaves our facility we are no longer it charge of it. If you do not receive your package and your tracking number says it has, you will have to file a claim with the shipping company.  

Care and Maintenance for Lithium-ion Batteries

Batteries for Cell phones, Laptops, Electronic Cigarettes and products alike are composed of Lithium-ion if exposed to abusive conditions it may get hot, explode or ignite and cause serious injury. Even though this is rare, Be sure to follow the safety warnings listed below: Do not pierce battery with any sharp instruments, step on the battery or otherwise subject it to strong impacts or shocks. Only use provided chargers, chargers intended for other products may have varied voltages  Do not allow the battery to get wet. Remember to shut off the battery when not in use Always store battery in an upright position Do not place the battery in or near fire, on stoves or other high temperature locations.  Do not place the battery in direct sunlight, use or store the battery inside cars in hot weather.  Doing so may cause the battery to generate heat, explode or ignite.  Using the battery in this manner may also result in a loss of performance and a shortened battery life expectancy. Never disassemble or modify the battery.  The battery contains safety and protection devices, which, if damaged, may cause the battery to generate heat, explode or ignite. Do not charge unattended and never over charge the battery more then 4 hours Never use battery when charging Discontinue use of the battery if, while using, charging or storing the battery, the battery emits an unusual smell, feels hot, changes color or shape, or appears abnormal in any other way. If battery leaks fluid and get onto skin or in eyes, never rub affected area, rinse with water and seek medical care immediately.