Handpipe To Straw Glow In The Dark - Yellow White

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Introducing the Handpipe to Straw Glow in the Dark – a revolutionary, stylish 2 in 1 product designed for all your herb and concentrate needs! This one-of-a-kind product is extremely versatile and offers an easy, convenient way to enjoy herbs or concentrates on the go.

For dry herbs, simply remove the lid from this sleekly designed piece and you’ll find a ready-to-go glass bowl with carburetor and silicone body. When using concentrates, just rotate the glass top off of the silicone body – you’re now equipped with a handy nectar collector for all your wax and concentrate needs. Once you’ve had your fill, tuck the components neatly back into the silicone body for transport. The Handpipe to Straw even features a built in silicone jar at its base that is perfect for storing your concentrates while they’re not in use.

What makes this product truly stand out is its eye catching glow in the dark design – sure to turn heads wherever it goes! Not only is this stunning piece of hardware aesthetically pleasing – its portable size makes it easily transportable when you need it most. Keep your trips elevated with ease by keeping a few extra concentrates tucked away in that awesome silicone jar! It's time to invest in an item that will take your enjoyment game up a notch - pick up a Handpipe to Straw Glow in the Dark today!