Dab Out Glow In The Dark With Quartz Straw - Purple White

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Give your dabbing sessions a major upgrade with the revolutionary Dab Out Glow In The Dark! This portable, comprehensive starter kit is great for any beginner. With one quartz glass straw and its own special dab tool, you'll be ready to go in no time. Plus, this 3-in-1 dab dugout comes with three compartments to store your concentrates – perfect for when you hit the town or travel cross-country for a much-needed break!

The best part? Dab Out has glow-in-the-dark capabilities so you can use it during the night without having to worry about light sources. You won't find another dab set like this on the market! As if that wasn't enough, our quartz glass nectar collector is designed for high temperature use and crafted from durable materials – a true masterpiece.

With Dab Out Glow In The Dark, your dabbing setup just got even better. Don't wait any longer and grab one today!

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