Rotate Chillum to Straw QUARTZ Glow in the Dark - Green White

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Now you no longer need two separate products when it comes to dry herbs and concentrates - this amazing all-in-one 2 in 1 product is here to save the day! Imagine: a single device that can do it all!

Just look at the awesome features Chillum to Straw Glow In Dark has to offer: An innovative quartz glass tip great for high temperature use, housed inside a sleek and stylish silicone body. Easy to use, too - just pull out the glass tip, rotate it, and put back into the silicone body. No complicated steps necessary - just a few twists of your wrist and you can have a fulfilling experience whichever way you choose.

Whether you prefer your dry herbs or your concentrates, chillums or straws - with Chillum to Straw Glow In Dark there's something for everyone. Plus, every purchase comes with a glow in the dark feature so that even in low light conditions you won't miss out on a good time. Stop missing out on great moments with your friends and enjoy each of them up close with our top-notch product today!