Dab Out Original with PYREX Straw - Green Black

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Are you an on-the-go dabber? If so, the Dab Out Starter Dab Kit is the must-have for all your concentrates! Compact and sleek, this convenient kit keeps everything you need for a successful dab session in one handy spot.

The dab kit includes a pyrex glass straw that’s perfect for low temperature use to get the most out of your concentrate. A durable metal dab tool allows you to cleanly and accurately scoop, spread, or even shape your concentrate as needed. And with three separate compartments designed to store any concentration safely and securely, all your tools will stay neatly organized at all times.

No more lugging around a bunch of different tools and supplies to enjoy your concentrate - get the Dab Out Starter Dab Kit today and experience the ultimate convenience right in your pocket! With its durable construction and reliable performance, you can be sure it pays off long-term too - providing years of hassle-free on-the-go dabbing without fail. Plus, its compact size won't take up too much room so you can always keep it handy when detail is key - bringing quality dabs wherever life takes you!

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