Dual Container with QUARTZ Glass Straw and Chillum - Black Grey

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The Dual Silicone Container, the ultimate smoking dugout! Now you can effortlessly enjoy dry herbs and concentrates wherever and whenever you want. To treat your dry herb needs, the Dual has a cool glass one hitter chillum pipe and storage container that keeps your herbs fresh. This safe storage stays secure with its air tight lid and its compact size makes it perfect for taking with you on-the-go.

But it gets even better! The Dual also comes with an array of accessories specifically designed for enjoying concentrates – like a quartz glass nectar straw and packing tool carefully crafted from high heat-resistant material. Everything fits neatly within the silicone container so you never have to worry about it getting lost or damaged during your travels.

Stop settling for less – experience the convenience and quality of the Dual Silicone Container today!

Dual Container

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