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Dab Straws

Nectar Collectors & Dab Straws

Are you into the top trendy and modern ways like glass dab straws, nectar collectors, and honey collectors to vaporize concentrates? 

If you are a dabbing enthusiast and have noticed "Nectar collectors" around, you were surely taken back by their simplicity, innovation, and ease of use. They make dabbing easy as it removes the need for a whole dab rig by merging the rig and nail into one simple tool. Although this is an easy and interesting idea, using it correctly and with the right form of concentration is crucial. Not using it right can lead to wasted wax concentrates and burnt dabs. There's a massive variety of nectar collectors varying from glass to silicone. Regular dabbers treasure silicone material nectar collectors for providing convenience and maximum portability.

The growing popularity of dab straws and dabbing concentrates has made consumers seek the most straightforward tool that is cheaper than a set of dab rigs. Nectar collectors offer that convenience!

What is a Nectar Collector?

A nectar collector is a form of portable dab rig identifiable by its straw-like, vertical design. It can consist of a mouthpiece usually made out of silicone, and a tip made of tittanium or glass that is heated and used to vape concentrates. It can also be made completely out of glass such as a glass straw. Using this dabbing accessory feels like drinking from a straw as they both have the same shape, use, and form for the users to consume the substances. 

Composition of a Nectar Collector

Nectar collectors are usually used to smoke oils and waxes. The name "Nectar Collector" came into existence from the concept of having a neck, body, and tip. Users can use this dabbing accessory by heating the tip using a torch, and then the hot tip comes in contact with the concentrate and vaporizes it. Mostly, the tip is made of quartz, titanium, or ceramic.

A mouthpiece exists on the end of the nectar collector. Surely, this is where the users inhale the smoke. The mouthpiece can be easily removed for cleaning purposes and is one of the mere convenient components of the silicone nectar collector. Furthermore, this makes it a lot more commodious for travel. The best part of the nectar collector is its dab tool (tip). It makes contact with the base and is made up of glass or titanium. Usually, titanium retains heat better and is tougher than glass.

Within the central area of the nectar collector is the percolator with the main body – which filters, cools, and conditions the smoke of the concentrates. Ultimately, this dabbing device makes for a much more enjoyable hit that won't brutally scorch your throat's back, leaving you gasping and watery-eyed. Each nectar collector must comprise a filtration system that uses water for smoke filtration. Nectar collectors are carefully designed to prevent spills once the water enters the percolator and the main body. 

Do all nectar collectors use water?

No, all nectar collectors don't use water, "Wands" are the dry versions of nectar collectors. These models have bubbled or straight bodies without a percolator or any portion for water. 

How to use a nectar collector?

The method of using a nectar collector is like taking a dab. Firstly, lay down your wax oil or concentrate on a heat-resistant surface, silicone is the most used surface. Then heat the tip with a butane torch until it is super-hot. For low temp dabs, waiting for 7-10 seconds is important so that the tip cools down. When you are ready to dab, press the tip of the nectar collector slowly against the concentrate laid on a dab mat or within the dab jar. You can take the hit by letting too much vapor escape or without pressing it too hard.

Is a nectar collector worth the money?

With the nectar collector, you can get every last bit of oil or wax without getting it trapped in your container. It's crucial to understand that, similar to the other products globally, nectar collectors are worth the money. If you are a dabbing enthusiast and want something more spacious, or if you are unsure about what dabbing tool you should pick, a full dab rig or a dab straw, this is one way to go! 

If you want to introduce your friend to dabbing in a convenient, easy, and accessible way, using a nectar collector will be less intimidating and more delightful than the other ways of enjoying a dab.

Pro Tips to dab using a nectar collector

  • Nectar collectors are very efficient, no need to use extra wax.
  • Pull harder or press more gently when you notice a lot of vapor escaping.
  • The ideal way to have the best taste and smoothness, go for the lower temp nectar collector hits.

Pros & Cons of Using Nectar collector


  1. Nectar collectors have a novel design and are always sure to capture attention. 
  2. With a nectar collector, no need to carry any extra tools. Just heat, dab, and feel the pleasure.
  3. Nectar collectors are travel-easy, and the ease of cleaning them makes them more comfortable.
  4. The portability offers a mess-free dabbing experience on the go!


  1. You can surely dab on the go, but if you are searching for an easier and more discreet way to dab, choose a vape, although the hits are incomparable.
  2. The long shape of a nectar collector can be cumbersome and a bit awkward, particularly when you pass around it with a red-hot tip. While it's smaller than a typical rig and the silicone nectars are more commodious.
  3. Nectar collectors don't have the same as a traditional quartz nail.

Wrap Up!

Nectar collectors make for the best dab rigs as they don't compromise on potency and make dabbing fun, fast and easy for dabbing lovers. Whether you want to simplify your setup or explore new ways of taking dabs, a nectar collector may be the best upgrade to uplift your dabbing/smoking experience. Make sure to check out White Rhino selection of Nectar Collector Kits Here