Dual Container with QUARTZ Glass Straw and Chillum - Purple Blue

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Introducing the Dual – the only container you need for any kind of smoking experience! With this amazing product, you get not one but TWO smoking accessories in one ultimate dugout. Whether you’re stuck daydreaming at your desk, toking at a party or out on an adventure, the Dual Silicone Container makes smoking portable and convenient whether you’re using dry herbs or concentrates.

For dry herb use, The Dual houses a glass one hitter chillum and container to store your herbs. Chillums are perfect for taking light yet effective hits of your favorite strains. And its generous container size means no more refilling non-stop while trying to get the job done.

But that’s not all – The Dual also provides everything users need for use with wax, extract and oil concentrates. This special kit has a quartz glass nectar collector that is heat resistant, two compartments to store concentrates AND a dabber tool so you can effortlessly pack up wherever you are!

The best part about it? All these awesome smoking accessories tuck neatly back into the silicone holder and make it easy for you to leave home with your supplies when it’s time to take off and explore the amazing outdoors or just hold down the fort in your living room. Plus its solid build guarantees long-term durability so adventures can be shared with friends even if they don’t have their own setup! Get yourself a smoke ready companion today and make sure there’s never an adventure left unenjoyed ever again – pick up The Dual Silicone Container now!

Dual Container

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