Dual Container with QUARTZ Glass Straw and Chillum - Red White

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Are you looking for the ultimate smoking tool? The Dual Silicone Container is your perfect choice! This awesome device is a one-stop shop for all your smoking needs, featuring both a glass one hitter chillum and quartz glass nectar collector for herbs and concentrates respectively. It regulates heat perfectly to ensure every smoking session delivers superior flavor.

When it comes to convenience, you won't find anything better than Dual. Its multi compartments allow you to store both dry herbs and concentrates, while the dabber tool allows easy transfer between containers. Plus, all the smoking accessories neatly back into the silicone container, making it simple and safe to take on the go! Whether you're in need of a smoke sesh on your own or having friends over, Dual has you covered.

Looking for satisfaction without sacrificing ease of use? Look no further than Dual's innovative design - with its long-lasting construction and versatile capabilities, there really is much to love about this product. Get ready for an amazing smoking experience like no other - all thanks to Daul!