White Rhino Display's

 The Blacklight display by White Rhino can hold all 10 Blacklight Disposable kits with a total of 120 ecigs. 
The Blacklight Rechargeable Display by White Rhino is equipped to hold all 4 strengths of our Blacklight Rechargeable cartridges. There are 10 flavors per tear holding 20 cartridges per flavor box. The Blacklight Rechargeable  Display also holds 36 Blacklight Starter Kits.
The Blacklight Small Display holds only 1 strength holding all 10 of its flavors along with 16 Blacklight Starter Kits.
The NEW Blacklight Flavor Station is great for customer flavor tasting. This display comes with 13 slots to hold all 13 flavors of your 0mg  Disposable E hookahs, along with dish at the bottom to carry mouth pieces.
The Small Liquid Display by White Rhino is the perfect display for holding 1 strength for our 16 flavors, along with room above to fit al 3 Liquid Blister Packs " Stainless ,  Black , Assorted" Dimensions 21.75" x 8.25' x 10.25"
Looking to fit a bit more in to your display? The Liquid Medium Display by White Rhino carries 1 strength of our 32 flavors, along with room above for all 3 of our Liquid Blister Packs & 3 rows of our Liquid Travel Packs, Dimensions 21.5" x 8.25" x 19.25"
The Liquid Only Display by White Rhino, the name says it all. This Display has 5 tears one for each of our current strengths 0,6,12,18 and 24mg. Each tear carries 32 flavors. Dimensions 25" x 7.25" x 37.5"
The White Rhino Remix Display This display holds all 12 Remix flavors and all nicotine strengths 0,6,12 and 18MG for a total of 192, 30ML dripper bottles. 6" x 18.25" x 22.5"