Chillums & One Hitters

Chillum/One-hitter - A Must-Have for All Herb Smokers

History Of Chillum

One-hitter is not a product of this age. Chillums have been in use for thousands of years. We can find evidence of its use most prominently in Hindu culture. The Hindu monks used them every day for smoking.

Chillums were not seen as a fashion statement back then but were considered a spiritual element in one’s life throughout Asian countries. With time it gained popularity, one after another different forms and styles started evolving in chillums and one-hitters.

The silicone cap on top is one unique feature of the White Rhino Glass chillum. You can load the chillum and add the silicone cap on top to use later.

How to Use a Chillum?

If you are new to using a chillum, you might think it is challenging to pack it. But that is nothing to worry about. Below is a detailed guide to learn how to use a chillum for full flavor and taste.

Step 1

The first step is to grind your herb flowers; you also use unground herb nugs if your chillum is big enough. 

Step 2

When the herbs are ground to a fine powder, take your chillum and start twisting it into the grounded herbs from the bowl end. Twist slowly downwards and ensure the herbs are being packed into the one-hitter. 

Step 3

Once you feel it is packed full, lift the chillum and take a look. If there is any space left, add more dry herb powder. And make a tight setting.

Step 4

Flame up the lighter and light the herb. When the herb is lit, you can start to hit.

Step 5

If you hit and think, you need more. Just repeat the second step and smoke it again. The best part about using a one-hitter; you can hit as much as you want without going through any long process.

Step 6

The last step is to clean your chillum. For a regular chillum, you can dab lightly on a hard surface, and all the ash will fall out. But some ash particles might just stick to the sides of the chillum. To give it a thorough clean-up, you can use a paper clip or a White Rhino Cleaning Brush

Holding a Chillum

There is not only one (the one mentioned above) but several ways to hold a chillum. With time and practice, you will find the way that suits you the best. Till then, try different methods from the following and have fun while you chose your particular style.

  • The classic way is the way you hold a regular cigarette. Place the chillum between your index and middle finger, and you can smoke just like a model.
  • The easiest method to hold the chillum is with your thumb and your index finger. This method will give you the best grip on the pipe.
  • The last method is the traditional chillum method. For this, you make a circle with your index finger and wrap it around the one-hitter. You can use the support of your thumb for added grip on the pipe.

Benefits of Using a Chillum

Chillums have been in use for 100’s of years. And to date, they have a never-ending demand in the market. The reason for this popularity is their numerous benefits. Read below about some of the several benefits that one-hitter offers.

  • Chillums are super easy to pack. As you would have read in the “how to use chillums” guide above, you know you can efficiently use chillums with a few easy steps. There is no hassle of pre-rolling, and you can start to hit right after filling in the herb.
  • As stylish as they look, one-hitters are easy to clean. Most of the time, you can clean the chillum with just a few dabs against a hard surface; otherwise, you can clean them off very easily with the help of a paper clip.
  • Chillums do not cost a lot on your pocket. You can find the best one-hitters at very reasonable prices. They are a traditional tool and do not require expensive refill ingredients or methods. They are a cool yet pocket-friendly option for smokers.
  • Chillums are the most travel-friendly gadget you will ever find. You can carry the small pipe with you everywhere you go.

Wrap Up!

With their numerous benefits, chillums are the best, easy on-budget option for any smoker. Being used since the 18th century, chillums and one-hitters have gained more popularity than any other smoking device. 

It is best for someone looking for a mix of traditional and trendy smoking styles. And not to mention, due to its small size, it can adjust even in the smallest space. If you are a newbie to it, you will love it after a few tries. In no time, it will be your new best smoking buddy!