Glass Blunts

What is a glass blunt pipe?

A glass blunt is a glass pipe that is to be used in place of rolling papers or blunt papers. Glass blunts can be either twist style or slider style. The slider glass blunt usually consists of three components, mouthpiece, an outer glass piece where the herb is packed, and a rubber grommet holding it all together. The idea of a glass blunt is that you can pack a lot of herbs inside and ash it as the herb burns; this ensures that you are getting a clean, fresh hit every time.


How Does a Glass Blunt Work?

To use a glass blunt slider, you first pull the mouthpiece to the end of the glass tube. Then, you load as much dry herb as you would like. When you light the dry herb and smoke, the herb will turn to ash. That’s when you push the mouthpiece forward in a slide motion to dispose of the ash.


How To Clean A Glass Blunt

To clean a glass blunt slider, you pull the mouthpiece entirely out of the silicone grommet. Then you will have just the mouthpiece slider and the outer glass tube with the grommet. You can then put them in a baggie with some glass pipe cleaner and even use a pipe cleaner brush to clean.