Pyrex Vs Quartz Glass Straw. What's the difference?

The big question we hear every day is what is the difference between pyrex glass straw and quartz glass straws? The main difference between the two different glass types is the softening point at which the heat can make the hole close on nectar collectors.


Pyrex Glass Nectar Collector

pyrex glass nectar collector

Pyrex glass has a softening point of 820 celsius or 1508 Fahrenheit. The softening point will close the tip hole in a nectar collector rendering it unusable. If you like to use low temperatures when dabbing, then pyrex will work for you. The main pro of pyrex compared to quartz is the price. All White Rhino Pyrex glass products have a black logo on them and are cheaper compared to quartz. Pyrex nectar collectors come with a black silicone also to keep the tip clean when not in use. 


Quartz Glass Nectar Collector

quartz glass nectar collector

Quartz glass has a higher softening point of about 1500 celsius or 2732 Fahrenheit. If you like to use high heat when dabbing, quartz is the way to go because it is more heat resistant than pyrex. All White Rhino Quartz Glass Products have a grey logo on them compared to the pyrex black logo. The Quartz nectar collector also has a grey silicone cap to keep the tip clean when not in use.

When choosing a glass product, it is essential to look at the pros and cons of the product and determine which best supports your needs. If you're looking for a nectar collector that can handle higher temperatures than quartz is the optimal choice; however, if you like to use lower temperatures and are on a budget, pyrex glass products are a great choice. Either way, White Rhino has you covered when looking for your next glass nectar collector.

Check out this video below by Vaping With Friends to see the heat resistance of Pyrex Vs. Quartz glass straws.