Rolling Tips

What Is A Glass Filter Tip? 

Filter tips or rolling tips are mouthpieces that act as a handle when puffing your favorite smoking blend. These tips make it much easier to grip whatever dry herbs you roll, and you don't have to worry about burning your lips or fingers while smoking it or passing them around. Smoking through these filter tips not only restricts scoobies (burnt herbs) from getting into your mouth but also helps you to get rid of the soggy tip you get from straight mouth to paper smoking. 

Why Is Using Filter Tips Better?

A firm roll: The best thing about filter tips and joint tips is that they help maintain a strong structure. If you are still learning the trick to roll your paper perfectly, tips will help. Tips hold up the shape of a roll and prevent it from getting too wide or narrow.

Keep the roll dry: nobody likes to puff on a soggy, wet end. Tips made of glass or ceramic are some of the best methods to maintain dryness as you smoke.

Use it all up: when you use a rolling tip, you can ensure that you smoke all the herb all the way to the end. No waste