Carb Caps

Who doesn’t want an increased flavor and efficiency of their nail or banger? Carb caps trap in all the heat and give the user an exceptional dabbing experience. 

A carb cap is a defined accessory designed to use with bangers. Besides adding an endearing aesthetic to the dabbing setup, the primary function of a carb cap is to restrict the airflow and maintain all the heat within the banger to vaporize all the concentrates let the dabber enjoy all the flavor. 

Carb caps are heat resistant, and they come in different materials like glass, ceramic, titanium, and silicone. Carb caps are manufactured in various sizes. Before you make a purchase, make sure to analyze the size that would fit your banger perfectly.

Types of Carb Caps

There are many different types of carb caps to choose from. The function is the same for most carb caps, but they differ in how they allow air to enter the banger. You can select the carb cap depending on your preference. They include standard, spinner carb caps, directional carb caps and bubble carb caps

Standard Carb Cap

A standard carb cap is the simplest of all styles. It acts just like a cap that maintains the heat within the banger for maximum vaporization of concentrates. 

Bubble Carb Caps

This carb cap gets its name after its bubble-like shape. It has a bubble-like compartment in the middle, and two hollow stems extend from the top and the bottom of the bubble, creating a carb. 

Bubble carb caps work better with flat top bangers. The round shape compartment of the bubble carb cap creates a seal for the flat top of the banger. It allows the concentrates to vaporize faster than normal.

With the help of the round compartment, the user can easily rotate the carb cap around the banger. Moving the cap across the banger allows a faster spread of vapors (also called chasing), creating a more flavorful, efficient dab. 

Directional Carb Cap

The directional flow carb caps work best with the banger-style nails and are mostly titanium, quartz, or glass. An angled tube extends from the bottom middle of the directional carb cap, and a small hole is located at the top. Directional carb caps control where the airflow is directed. View all directional carb caps here.

Spinner Carb Cap

The spinner carb cap is one of the most unique and popular carb caps. It has special grooves that force the air into the banger in a vertex motion. 

The airflow caused by the spinner carb cap is intense and causes the concentrates to spin at the bottom of the banger, allowing them to vaporize fast. With a spinner carb cap, the user can develop a very controlled airflow in the banger. You can view all spinner carb caps here

How to Use Carb Cap?

The carb cap acts as a lid that regulates airflow in the banger by maintaining heat. Fitting seamlessly on the top of a banger, carb caps create a chamber for vaporizing concentrates efficiently. With three easy steps, you can learn how to use a carb cap if you are a newbie to it.

Step 1

To start apply a dab to a heated banger and cover the banger with a carb cap of your choice.

Step 2

If using a directional flow or the bubble carb cap, gently twist or rotate to direct the airflow. This motion will generate an airflow in the banger to vapor the concentrates thoroughly. 

Step 3

When you are ready to inhale the vapor, remove the carb cap from the banger to clear all the remaining smoke.

Low-Temperature Dabbing

It is a prevalent misconception that the banger needs to be red hot before applying the dab. In our opinion, the optimum way to dab is with low temperatures. High temperatures have adverse effects on the dab, such as:

  • It alters the flavor of the vapor.
  • Overheating destroy some of the active ingredients in the concentrate and thus make the hit less efficient.
  • Over heating can wear down your banger over time

Because of these reasons, low-temperature dabbing works the best. It is more flavorful and increases the life of your banger or nail.


People new to dabbing think that carb caps are just an additional accessory and are not necessary. Well, that is not the case. Carb caps are the essential dabbing gadget to dab with an even hit at a lower temperature. Following are some benefits of using carb caps:

  • Using a carb cap creates a convection oven in the banger, ensuring an even temperature. This oven-like environment allows the concentrates to vaporize at a low temperature, giving the user an even hit.
  • The carb caps restrict the flow of cold air into the nail. Which otherwise causes the heating element to cool down. And the user never gets to enjoy the full flavors that concentrates have to offer. 
  • Dabbing without carb caps forces you to dab at a high temperature, which destroys the terpenes of the concentrates. And again, you will not be able to enjoy the original flavor.

Wrap Up!

If you are in the middle of wondering whether you need a carb cap or not, I’ll make it easy for you. You might think that your dabbing experience is fine without a carb cap, but in reality, you are missing the maximum potential of your hit. The crab cap takes your dabbing experience to the next level. It enhances your dabs’ taste and flavor. 

A carb cap will be your new favorite accessory if you are looking for low-temperature, efficient dabbing. You will set yourself free from the hassle of maintaining the perfect temperature in the banger. With just a few tries, you’ll master the trick and will dab like a pro!