Concentrate Storage

Dab Containers - The Only Way to Utilize Every Bit of Your Concentrate!

Whenever we want to keep something fresh and safe, we use a jar. Even at a dispensary, you would find the concentrates stored in different kinds of dab containers. The material of the jar depends upon the nature of the product inside it.

Concentrates are not of just one kind. They come in different forms, such as crumble, oil, wax, rosin, shatter, live resin, etc. There are various packaging materials used to store different types of concentrates. 

When it comes to the wax concentrates, the packaging and storage have to be well thought of because of the sticky nature of the wax. A non-sticky material that would keep the wax safe and useable is the solution to this problem; this is where silicone jars come in. 

The Science of Silicone

The material of Silicone is non-reactive, stable, and resistant to extreme environments. It acts as a barrier against the external environment. It is ideal for use at any temperature, making it highly durable against temperature. 

Silicone is a type of rubber but is superior to all other sorts. Naturally made from sand, it is a polymer composed of repeated subunits of oxygen and carbon alternating with hydrogen. Due to its heavy-duty characteristics, it is widely used worldwide and is the best material for dabbers to store their concentrates.

Wide Usage of Silicone Jars for Dab Containers

Nothing yet has competed for the non-sticky properties of a silicone jar. These are used extensively among dabbers and smoking enthusiasts. They give the user every bit of the products ensuring 0% concentrate waste. 

By taking a quick look around yourself, you can find its usage at different places in your surroundings. It is used in various forms other than jars, such as cookware, auto parts, insulations, health care, construction products, and whatnot. 

Why Should You Use Silicone Jars for Concentrates?

Silicone is the most commonly used material to keep the wax concentrates safe. But why? There are several reasons why people prefer them over regular jars. 

The silicone jars are 100 percent non-sticky, and wax is 100 percent sticky. If you store the wax concentrate in any other jar, let us say glass or plastic, it will give you a pretty hard time taking it all out. Imagine you buy a high-quality wax concentrate and store it in the glass jar, and afterward, you have to wash the expensive wax just because it won’t come off the glass. How frustrating would that be? 

On the contrary, the silicone jar acts as a soft mold, and within seconds you can get all the product right into the rig.

Are Silicone Jars fully Airtight?

If you get a quality silicone jar, it can be airtight. When storing concentrates, it is essential to have an airtight container to preserve concentrates when not in use.