Dab Tools

Last Guide to Dab Tools You'll Ever Need!

Whether a rookie or an experienced dabbing enthusiast, you know that different tools deliver a different experience if you are in the market. In this blog post, you'll learn anything and everything about dab tools, how to choose the best dabber for your needs, and make your life easier.

What Are Dab Tools?

A dabber tool is a long, pointed, handheld wand used to pick up dabs of shatter, wax, or concentrates. Dab tools can look more like dentists' tools – one end has a particular shape for taking sticky concentrates and adding them to a super hot banger. Dabs are available in various forms, from shatter and wax to bright yellow honey-like consistency. Because of the variety, it's not as easy as just choosing any dabber tool and lighting up your rig. As dabs are small quantities of concentrates, a dabber allows you to nicely dose and apply dabs to avoid a sticky mess and get your hands to stay clean and away from a hot banger. Let's look at the different types of dab tools available and how they are used and which will work for you.

Different Parts of Dab Tools

Dab tools are usually made of glass, metal, ceramic or silicone and come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. It all depends on your priorities. Most dab tool have a pointed end or a scoop style end, and some even have a carb cap on one end. 

With several options available in the market nowadays, there are some things that you should be very careful about while choosing your dabbing tool. The sheer amount of choices might make you overwhelmed, but in this section, we've narrowed down the exact thing you should notice in a dabber before making a purchase;


Dabbing tools are made from various materials, but they all are very different. As a general rule, you should look for heat-resistant and high-quality materials. Some materials are typically used and must be sought after when purchasing tools.

  1. Titanium/ Staineless Still: the most durable option so far. When purchasing a titanium dabbing tool, you can ensure that you are buying the tool for life. You should purchase titanium only when it's medical grade, as it is lightweight and durable.
  2. Quartz Glass: dabbing tools are mostly made of quartz glass as it is long-lasting but is fragile compared to titanium, but compared to other materials, it can lose heat pretty fast. Moreover, most people agree that the nature of quartz is amazing for the full-flavored experience when dabbing.
  3. Ceramic: durable and good at retaining heat over time, ceramic is an excellent material for many uses. This substance may not be as effective in imparting flavor as quartz, but it is superior to metals like titanium and stainless steel.

What is a carb cap? How can you use it?

Having a carb cap on a dabber tool is one of the simplest ways to improve the quality of your hits. Carb caps control and limits airflow while dabbing, maximizing the effect of the concentrate. After dropping the concentrate inside a banger, just simply flip the dab tool around and the carb cap is ready to use.