Silicone Spinner Jar and Carb Cap Glow Blue White

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The Silicone Spinner Jar and Carb Cap is a two-in-one must have for your concentrate game! Not only does it work like a dream, it also glows in the dark so there's no fumbling around in the dark looking for your dab accessory. Plus, the silicone container keeps things safe, secure and non-stick.

Not sure what a spinner carb cap is? Well let us explain. The spinner carb cap works with  bangers to create a unique vortex-like motion that efficiently vaporizes any concentrates inside. You can even spin terp balls around if you're into that sort of thing. And don't worry about having an awkward size -- this spinner jar and carb cap combo fits perfectly in your hand at 1.5 inches wide and 0.75" tall.

So why wait? Get yourself a Silicone Spinner Jar and Carb Cap today and start spinning those perfect dabs!