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Dabbing Out Kits

What is dabbing?

The texture of a dab, a concentrated form, can range from smooth to rough. Inhalation occurs in a dab rig, e-rig, Dab Out, or dab pen. While the flower is typically combusted at roughly 350°F when smoked, dabs are flash vaporized at temperatures 400–600°F during the dabbing process.Dabs come in various colors, from yellow to amber to brown, but they all share the same sticky, potentially messy properties.

Dab out & types of dab out

White Rhino Offers many different styles of Dab Outs. Dab Out is a one-of-a-kind silicone container that can hold a glass straw, a dab tool, and concentrates. It has three separate compartments, one of which can be used to remove the glass straw and dab.

Container with straw

The Dab Out storage container with straw has three sections for your concentrates. A Quartz glass straw and a packing tool are included in the package. Dab out container with straw is perceived as a sandlot for concentrates. Dab Out Quartz Straw, in contrast to Dab Out pyrex glass has a much greater melting point making it ideal for usage in scorching environments. Silicone, over time, attracts dust and lint, so be sure to clean it often. Put some tape on a piece of paper and rub it on the silicone to clean it. You can dab into your preferred concentrate by heating the tip of your dab straw. There's no need for spares or replacement blades. We recommend using a glass dab tray for this.

The Silicone container 

The silicone container stores a glass straw and a packing implement. Since they are inexpensive and reliably non-stick, these containers are a go-to for many people. The fact that they are opaque means that they will shield your concentrates from any unwanted light.

The silicone containers have a full set of features, from the base to the lid, making it easy to store and organize your concentrates. These silicone wax containers are long-lasting and well-suited to your storage and organization needs due to the high-quality materials utilized in their construction.

The designers put a lot of thought into catering to a wide range of customers so that everyone may choose a high-quality silicone wax container that suits their needs. Various silicone wax container design options mean you may pick the best one for your facility's layout and design.

There is a wide range of sizes and materials available for silicone wax containers, giving consumers several choices for the best possible storage space organization. You may rest easy knowing that at White Rhino, you'll get the ideal silicone wax containers for your needs, no matter what kind or how much concentrate you want to keep.

Glass dab container

Glass is more desirable than silicone, but it's still not ideal for frequent fliers because it can break if dropped. The leaching of plastics or silicone won't alter a concentrate's flavor; thus, storing it in glass for an extended period is ideal. Your concentrates will remain fresh if you keep the glass in a cool, dark place.

Multi slot Silicone Dab Container

This is the perfect container for the dab aficionado who enjoys trying new strains. Silicone is commonly used to create "multi-slot containers," which are precisely what they sound like: a container with multiple slots. These higher standards containers, for instance, the Dab Out by White Rhino has three slots, while the Dual Silicone Container has two, and the Dabtainer only has one compartment. 

Silicone container with compartments

You can dab directly from the compartments of the Silicone container. When you're done, just return the glass straw to its storage chamber, replace the lid, and you're good to go. A non-stick, silicone container with three separate compartments is ideal for storing wax concentrates of different strains. 

Why do dabbing enthusiasts love to dab out of a silicone container?

It's annoying when you can't get that last bit of focus with your dabbing tool. The problem can be solved by using a nectar collector to extract as much concentrate as possible while on the go. You can stick the hot end of one of these into your container without having to scrape anything out first, which is a huge plus.

Be careful not to burn your mouth when smoking directly from a silicone container by keeping the nectar collector's tip at a safe temperature. Although silicone can resist temperatures as high as 600 degrees Fahrenheit, keeping the tip at a more manageable 450 degrees is best.

No need to wait until the concentrate is virtually gone. 

Wrapping up

As we've seen, there is a wide variety of dab out for extracting and consuming concentrates. Put your concentrates in a container for longevity and portability. If you want to keep your concentrates fresh and use them for as long as possible, you should store them in a sturdy container with an air-tight seal. Glass or silicone, big or little, multiple storage spaces or just one—the possibilities are flexible.

You can choose the most suitable dab out depending on your intended use and how quickly you go through concentrates. Silicone is the least expensive option and ideal if you only need to store concentrates for a week or less at a time. Using glass dab wax containers is the best option for long-term storage and durability. If you want to keep your concentrates fresh, you'll need silicone dab containers.