Reclaim Catcher - One Dabbing Gadget to Save your Time and Money!

October 23, 2021

How about a gadget that will not only be an outstanding addition to your rig but will also add a lot more charisma to your dabbing setup. Yes! We are talking about an all-new reclaim catcher.

A reclaim catcher is a dabbing gadget that attaches to your rig and collects all the leftover reclaim after a dabbing session. The primary function of a reclaim catcher is to keep the rig or pipe clean from the oil that settles on the sides of the rig and to reclaim all leftover concentrates to be used later.

As fancy as they look, they come with numerous advantages for the users. This article is a detailed guide about the functionality and usage instructions of a reclaimer. Besides that, you’ll find about all the benefits you will get with a reclaim collector. So go ahead and learn everything you need to know about a reclaim collector.

Reclaim Catcher

This gadget comes with a removable cup that collects all the concentrates, allowing the user to reuse it afterward. 

Not only does it make your dab station look fancier, but it also adds a lot more functionality and saves you a lot of money in the long run.

The reclaim catchers are of different kinds, ranging from dropdowns to the ones with silicone jar attachments and many others. Mostly they come in two sizes, 14mm and 18mm, with 45 degrees and 90 degrees angle bends. The user has the choice to choose whatever suits their dabbing set up the best.

The Functionality of a Reclaim Catcher

A reclaim catcher is a highly functional add-on to the dabbing setup because merely looking at the dab rig; no one can tell if it has concentrated oil settled on its sides. But the reclaim catcher efficiently gathers all the excess oil drops in the rig and keeps the rig cleaner.

How does a Reclaim Catcher Work?

The reclaim collector works more like an ash collector. Its job is to collect all the oil drops from your rig, keeping it dry and clean for your next dabbing session. 

The reclaim catcher catches the unvaporized and condensed oil. The removable cup of the reclaimer between the nail and rig collects all of this oil, and the user can reclaim it in the next dabbing session. 

How to use Reclaim Catcher?

As beautiful as it looks on your dabbing station, it is pretty easy to use a reclaim catcher. With just three easy steps, you can set, use and benefit from your new dabbing gadget.

1. To start with, you need to attach the nail or banger to the top of the reclaim collector. Then connect the gadget to the water pipe. 

By doing this, the smoke produced during the dabbing session will flow down the reclaim collector instead of entering into the water pipe.

2. The second step is all about beginning with your dabbing session and carrying it out just the way you usually do.

3. When you are done with the dabbing session, disconnect the bottom of the reclaim collector from the dab rig. Now collect the leftover oil in the cup of the reclaim catcher and keep it for your next dabbing session. It may take a while to fill up.

If you have a silicone jar, the reclaim catcher will make it much easier for you to scrub and clean, unlike the standard ash catchers, which are extremely hard to clean from inside. Your reclaim catcher will save you a lot of time daily spent on cleaning the water pipe.

Benefits of Using a Reclaim Catcher

If you have made it this far in the article, you are a dabbing enthusiast. Let me tell you about the benefits you will have with this accessory added to your dabbing setup. 

  • The most prominent benefit of a reclaim catcher is that it saves you so much time and money by collecting the leftover oil in one place. You can easily reuse this oil for your next session. The flavor of this oil might not be as good the first time, but it will still give you an excellent heavy hit, saving a lot of money in the long run.
  • Reclaim catcher gives you an easy and hassle-free cleaning process. If you are using a reclaim catcher with a silicone jar at the bottom, that thing is incredibly easy to clean. People who use the standard ash collectors would know how difficult and time-consuming it is to clean the ash collectors from inside.
  • The reclaim catcher saves the rig of your nail or banger from clogging over time. The sticky globs can settle into the rig, making it hard for you to clean them, and besides, they never give a good sight. Your reclaim catcher can save you from all three things; the unwanted sight, the hassle of cleaning the rig, and ultimately the clogged rig. 


Wrap Up!

Reclaimers can be the next game-changing dabbing gadget for you. If you doubt making a reclaim catcher purchase, feel free to take my advice and go ahead. It will, without any doubt, be your best purchase of this month. 

The reclaim catchers have plenty more benefits besides adding attraction and desirability to your dabbing setup. To count a few, they will save your cleaning time, give you chances to resue the leftover oil and ultimately save you money, protect your rig from clogging, and a lot more.

Upgrade your dabbing station and your dabbing routine, and let us know how much you just loved using it!


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