Dabtainer Silicone Nectar Collector Kit

Have you ever been out running errands and needed your nectar collector but it wasn't pocket friendly? That's what we were thinking when we designed the Dabtainer Nectar Collector kit.  The Dabtainer is 5.5" tall and features a glass straw tip and a siliicone jar. Dabtainer also has a cap that works as the main lid to keep all content nicely compacted together.

silicone nectar collector kit

The Dabtainer makes it easy for use on the go. Once you are done, just simply reverse the glass tip and push itside the silicone body. Next add the cap to the silicone jar and put that on top of the silicone body and it is ready to store.

Glow in the Dark

Dabtainer also comes in a glow in the dark version with seven colors.

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