Reclaim-It Silicone Reclaim Catcher

What is a reclaim catcher you may ask? A reclaim catcher is an attachment that goes on a water pipes and works with a banger to catch any left over unused concentrates. There are may different styles of reclaim catchers on the market that utilize glass and silicone. The problem with glass is it is fragile. So that is why we went with a unique full silicone reclaimer. 

silicone reclaimer

The Reclaim-It features a 14mm and 19mm adaptor to work with most water pipes. It also comes with two caps, 14mm cap and a 19mm cap to use with most bangers. It also comes with a removal silicone jar where all the reclaim concentrates will collect.

To use choose the cap that best fits your banger. Grab your banger and insert it into the cap. Make sure the banger is flush with the bottom of the cap. Insert the silicone jar into the reclaim it adaptor. Apply the cap to the top the reclaim it adaptor. Place Reclaim-It on your water pipe. Refer to the diagram above

  reclaim catcher

Once the silicone jar is inserted into the Reclaim-It adaptor, special grooves on the side allow for air passage to pull the smoke through the reclaim catcher into the water pipe. All while the left over oils are collected into the silicone jar.

There are many benefits to using a reclaim catcher. It can help keep your water pipe or rig cleaner since all the left over oils are collected in the silicone jar compared to being pulled through into your piece. The removable silicone jar makes it easy to reuse your precious concentrates. 

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