Adjustable Silicone Downstem - Red White

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The Adjustable Silicone Downstem is the perfect all-in-one smoking accessory for any water pipe enthusiast! This incredible piece of silicone engineering provides multiple diffuser functions, ranging from 19mm to 1" - allowing users complete control over their smoke sessions. With its adjustable body, the downstem can be shortened or extended up to 8.5" in length - simply loosen up the ends and twist the stem to your desired sizing! With this adjustable feature, you can enjoy smooth bubbling action no matter what size water pipe you use. And don't forget about the 19mm and 14mm bowl adaptor - this ensures a perfect fit for virtually all kinds of bowls. So don't wait until it's too late: choose your ideal smoke sessions today with the Adjustable Silicone Downstem!