Adjustable Silicone Downstem Glow In The Dark - Orange White

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Are you looking for a versatile and durable downstem that can keep up with all your smoking needs? Look no further than the White Rhino Adjustable Silicone Downstem! This adjustable downstem takes options to the next level – it extends from 1" up to 8.5", giving you ultimate flexibility for whatever result you're aiming for.

Find security in having the perfect fit for your water pipe – this adjustable downstem has a 19mm and 14mm thread adaptor, so it'll fit just about any bong out there. Plus, it features a 1" diffuser at the end that helps evenly distribute smoke. And even better, all of these awesome features come easily and securely connected in a robust silicone construction material – putting an end to any worry of cheaply made parts that don't match up correctly or break after one use!

Smoke confidently knowing you have the most advanced technology on your side. Get the White Rhino Silicone Downstem today and find out what all sides of smoking with an adjustable smell like!


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