Adjustable Silicone Downstem Glow In The Dark - Mint White

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The White Rhino adjustable silicone downstem is perfect for smokers looking to try something new. With its adjustable technology, the patented Silicone Downstem can stretch from 1" up to 8.5", allowing you to customize your bong however you’d like! Not only that, but it comes equipped with a 19mm and 14mm bowl adaptor so you can switch out between different sizes just as quickly as it adapts in height. The end of this downstem also has a diffuser, meaning any smoke passing through will be spread out into smaller particles- giving you a smooth and cool smoking experience like no other. So why go anywhere else? Get the White Rhino adjustable silicone downstem if you want the freedom of changing your setup without buying something brand new every time!


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