White Rhino Grind and Store Plastic Grinder and Storage Container

February 18, 2021

herb grinder and storage container

Have you ever wished your grinder could store your dry herbs? Or if your storage container could grinder your herbs? That's what we thought when we created the White Rhino Grind and Store. The White Rhino Grind and Store is a unique dry herb grinder that also works as a storage container. The herb grinder sits on top of the container and as the user grinds, the dry herb falls through the slotted grinder base into the storage container. 


Smell Proof Container

Not only is The Grind and Store a plastic herb grinder and storage container, it is also smell proof. Powerful magnetics, special grooves and a rubber grommet inside the lid hold the lid on air tight.

plastic herb grinder

Dry Herb Grinder and Storage

The White Rhino Grind and Store is available in ten colors, solid and transparent colors. Click here to purchase now

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