Does the Quality of E Juice Really Matter?

When it comes to your vaping experience, which matters more: having the best ejuice for use or the vaporizer you use to vaporize it? We hear from some new vaping enthusiasts that the quality of your e-cigarette juice matters less than the e-cigarette itself, because all juices are pretty much the same. This really is not true at all. When it comes to e-juice, quality varies widely and this can have a huge impact on your vaping experience. 

The truth is, that for the best vaping experience possible, you’ll want to use the highest quality e liquid along with the best liquid vaporizers. This combination gives you the best experience because of the taste, vapor, and how long you can puff without reloading or recharging. While those new to the vaping experience may not be able to tell the difference, once they’ve experience top quality vaping with products from White Rhino, they’ll never want to use an inferior product again. 

Whether you are new to vaping or an old pro, if you haven’t tried White Rhino’s selection of e liquid we encourage you to do so! 

Our Remix premium e juice has some key features you are sure to want to pay attention to.

american made ejuice American Made E Juice



child proof juice Child Proof Cap


   24 Flavors



batch code ejuice    Traceable Batch Codes



tamper proof ejuice    Tamper Proof Seal



gmp ejuice     Manufactured in a GMP Certified Facility



    pg/vg ejuice        VG 70% PG 30%