5 Worst Things About Vaping

Don’t get me wrong, I love vaping and regardless of this list, the positives of vaping far outweigh the negatives. The negatives of vaping also pale in comparison to the negatives of smoking analog cigarettes. That being said, every hobby has its downsides and annoyances so I’ve compiled a list of the worst, most annoying things about being a vaper.

Getting Confused With Smokers

Vaping is not Smoking

For some reason, people who don’t vape or smoke have an incredibly difficult time telling the difference between the two. Whether it’s politicians insisting on lumping vapers in with smokers in regards to the laws they pass or simply someone giving a dirty look when you vape outside of a designated smoking area. This can get infuriating to the point you just want to yell “IT’S NOT SMOKE, IT’S VAPOR!!!”

Media and Politicians Substituting Scare Tactics for Facts

Vaping in the Media

Not exclusive to vaping, but used in the case against vaping nonetheless; Media and politicians will use blatant lies and sources that aren’t credible in order to present their case against vaping. The media thrives on negative and attention-grabbing headlines to suck in readers/viewers. A few ways to tell if the article you’re reading is credible are: 

  • Look for the sources: If an article doesn’t site sources for their claims this should be an immediate red flag. In addition, look out for claims such as “a source” or “sources”, this is a cheap and easy way for media outlets to interject opinions and present them as facts.
  • Pay attention to how they refer to vaping. If they use the word e cigs when they’re talking about vaporizers or vice versa, this is a strong indication that they’re not well researched, thought out stories.
  • Anything claiming to not know what e juice is made of. There are 4 main ingredients in vape juice that any reputable company prints on the bottle.

When Your Friends and Family Just Don’t Get It

Questions About Vaping

The Vaping community has its own habits and vocabulary. It can be frustrating when someone is talking to you about vaping and you have to explain what every other word means. This isn’t their fault, but that doesn’t make it any less irritating. Having to explain what sub-ohm means in the middle of an explanation can derail your whole train of thought and can make talking about vaping to someone who doesn’t vape, but is curious, infuriating.

Being Around Friends Who Still Smoke

Not all vapers used to smoke but a good majority of them did. It can be quite frustrating, when you’ve taken up vaping and quit smoking, to hang out with your friends who still smoke. They’ll often act as though you’ve abandoned them. These same friends wouldn’t mind if you simply quit smoking but for some reason they act like switching to vaping is a betrayal and will hassle you over your choice to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Not Having an Excuse

As a former smoker, one of the few benefits of smoking is having an excuse to get out of an undesirable or uncomfortable situation. If you were at a party and got overwhelmed by the noise or anything, you could use smoking as an excuse to step outside and get away for a bit. Additionally, if you’re jogging of climbing stairs and get winded, you could always use cigarettes as an excuse. With vaping, you’re forced to admit to yourself that maybe you’re just not in as good a shape as you thought you were.

So there’s our list of the 5 worst things about vaping. What do you think? Is there something we missed? Let us know in the comments! For more information on vaping, or to order a vaporizer, please visit www.whiterhinoproducts.com