Anodized Metal One Hitter Bat Blue

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Sometimes one hit is enough! Do you love smoking herb but don’t have enough time for multiple hits every time? Fear no more! Our lightweight, metal-bodied simple one hitter pipe is here to save the day.

Its sleek anodized metal style looks and feels great in your hand and fits discreetly in your pocket or backpack without drawing attention. With its economical size, you only need to load a pinch of torched herb at a time to get your ultimate satisfaction, while wasting less materials. The traditional straight stem design lets you easily pack it with twist of wrist motion.

Perfect for beginning smokers who want a quick and efficient buzz, veterans who are looking for something easy to carry when they’re on the go, or those busy bees who just don’t have time to sit around before getting back to work. No carb hole required either – our nifty little bat takes care of that all by itself.

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