Pop Top Waterpipe Adaptor - Purple Blue

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Introducing the ultimate in convenience: the Pop Top Waterpipe from White Rhino! Now, you can turn any 12oz can into a fully functioning waterpipe with just the simple pop of a top. Made from high-quality silicone and glass on glass, this sleek and stylish new device means you no longer have to bring along bulky pipe pieces everywhere. Whether you’re heading out for a fun-filled adventure or just planning for a chill night at home, your waterpipe will be ready when you are – no muss, no fuss. Just fill up a 12 oz can with cold, refreshing soda or beer and attach the Pop Top adapter. Bam: now it’s a pipe in an instant! Creative and handy users will even come up with brand new ways to use their Pop Top Waterpipe: think snacks in the car, camping trips, barbecues and so much more. I bet you weren’t expecting that twist on your favorite summertime classic! What could be better than having your own pint-sized party wherever you go? Get yourself White Rhino’s Pop Top Waterpipe today and join the revolution.

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