Top 10 Vaping Memes From Around The Web

This is where I would normally type a huge introduction to our topic for the day but I think the title pretty much sums it up so let’s just jump right in…

#1 Need More Batteries!

There’s nothing worse than reaching for your vape and finding a dead battery and then realizing you forgot to charge your backup battery. It’s okay, Spidey, We feel your pain!

#2 It’s Not Made of Antifreeze!


Everybody likes to think that they’re the first person to have used this argument. News Flash! We have the internet, and we’ve read the same false reports that you have. Just because it’s on your Facebook wall, doesn’t mean it’s true.

#3 It Tastes So Much Better When It’s Vapor 

If you’ve never accidentally gotten vape juice in your mouth, consider yourself lucky. The flavors are great when they’re vapor but not so good when it’s just liquid in your mouth. Not to mention, you can taste it on your lips for the next hour.

#4 Her Name is Bernice and She Can’t Be Cloned!

This one’s just funny, whether you’re into mods or you’re just sick of hearing your friends talk about their mods.

#5 The Eternal Dilemma

Do I change the wick or just try a different juice? Better do both just to be sure. And to be extra sure, I’m just going to get some better vape juice while I’m at it.

#6 It’s So Dry!

Come on! Now I’m going to have to go all the way to the store. I knew I should have gotten my vape juice in bulk!

#7 This Blueberry Tastes Like the Wrong End of a Cigarette!

The dry hit; Nothing like expecting a delicious flavor and getting the sweet, sweet, taste of burning Cotton.

#8 I Dare You! I Double Dog Dare You!


No, random stranger! It’s not (always) cannabis in vapes. In fact, more often than not, it’s simply vape juice!

#9 Hi, My name’s John, You can call me Cumulonimbus!

You can’t see it, but this guy’s actually making a duckface, so be glad the cloud’s in the way.

#10 Not the best, but it’s Doctor Who!

I had to include this one, it may not be the funniest but it’s Doctor Who. If you don’t like Doctor Who, you have that right. You’re wrong, but that’s your right!

So there are our 10 best vaping memes from around the Web, hope you enjoyed them. If you have any good vaping memes, please go to our social media outlets (buttons at top of page) and send them to us! For more information on our vaporizers and e-juice, go to