The Vape Juice Argument

Vaping is a very controversial topic right now. With vaping becoming as popular as it has over the last 5 years, it was only a matter of time before opposition to the industry reached the heights that it has today. E-juice is not regulated by the FDA, and therefore has left itself open to outrageous claims from both sides of the argument. With our current generation’s propensity for hyperbole, vape juice has been called the most dangerous thing ever by opponents, while simultaneously being touted as a miracle drug for smoking cessation by proponents of vaping. Removing hyperbole, the truth falls somewhere in the middle. Today, we will be discussing the 2 biggest arguments associated with vape juice and setting the record straight.

Argument #1: They Can Put Anything in Vape Juice!

This is one of the more contentious claims and hardest to prove one way or the other. Because the FDA does not regulate e-juice, there is a degree of truth to this. Vape juice typically, and should, contain about 4 ingredients (more depending on the flavor). The main ingredient is Vegetable Glycerin, which is what creates the vapor. Vegetable Glycerine however does not carry flavor very well, which brings us to the next ingredient. Propylene Glycol is used to carry the flavor of the e-juice. These are the 2 ingredients that are found in most vape juices, the other ingredients are simply natural and artificial flavorings to give the juice the taste that people prefer.

Above: The ingredients listed on every bottle of White Rhino E-Juice

That being said, this is the standard and may not be used by all vape juice manufacturers. We recommend using juice from trusted manufacturers only. Some guy making juice in his basement can sell it and potentially add harmful ingredients but this is extremely unlikely. At White Rhino, we print our ingredients on every bottle in order to inform our customers of what they’re ingesting.

Argument #2: E-juice Still Contains Nicotine!

While most companies do offer juice that contains nicotine, they also offer juices that contain no nicotine. White Rhino for example offers juice in 5 different strengths depending on customer wants and needs. In fact, our nicotine-free e-juice flavors sell 2x more than all of our nicotine flavors combined. So while this argument is technically correct, it leaves out the other half of the equation.


Above: The nicotine warning on every bottle of White Rhino e-juice (even nicotine-free flavors)

So, those are the 2 biggest arguments about vape juice. Unfortunately, there is truth in both sides of the arguments but if you simply stick to trusted companies who are transparent about their process then your fears can be negated. At White Rhino, we use only the highest-quality ingredients and we also include our ingredients on every bottle in an effort to be completely transparent with the users of our product. So stick with us, and you won’t have to worry.

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