Carb-It 3 In 1 Carb Cap

Carb It Silicone carb cap is a unique 3 in 1 carb cap. Carb It comes with one mouthpiece and three different carb caps. The caps can convert into a bubble carb cap, directional carb cap, and spinner carb cap. The Carb It mouthpiece has an opening at the top that can be plugged with your finger to stop airflow if needed.

Save money with Carb It by eliminating the need to purchase other carb caps since Carb It is all three carb caps you will need. Silicone carb caps are more durable since they are not made out of glass; they will not shatter if you drop them.

User manual

3 in 1 carb cap


These carb caps are the most basic as they do not spin terp balls and cannot control the airflow as much. It does, however, allow more airflow compared to the other caps.


The directional cap added allows the airflow to be directed in the direction the user wants. This allows for vaporization of concentrates in a specific area. Directional carb caps will not spin terp balls.


Spinner carb caps have multiple airflow channels that move the airflow in a twisted vortex direction; this stirs the oils and concentrates for maximum vaporization. Spinner carb caps will spin terp pearls.

3 in 1 silicone carb cap