Diamond Spinner Carb Cap Silicone Jar + Terp Ball - Green Black

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The Diamond Silicone Spinner Jar and Terp Ball is the ultimate accessory for anyone looking for increased flavor and vapor production when using concentrates! Combining three essential pieces of equipment into one dynamic device, this silicone spinner jar has it all – a carb cap, wax storage container, and even a 6mm terp pearl to capture maximum flavor. Our spinner jar is optimized for optimal convenience, so that you don’t have to waste precious time searching your pockets and bags for the right tool. With its iridescent diamond look that predates lead glass containers, you might just be inspired to flaunt your style with less effort along the way. From now on you can get more out of your concentrates in less time! Get your Diamond Silicone Spinner Jar and Terp Ball today!

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