Carb-It 3 In 1 Carb Cap - Black Grey

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Introducing Carb It - the ultimate 3-in-1 carb cap! Our premium quality silicone carb cap picks up where ordinary carb caps leave off. Whether you’re looking for a spinner carb cap to spin terp pearls, a directional carb cap to force air in one specific direction, or a standard bubble carb cap, then Carb It has you covered.

Carb It is the only tool you need for your dabbing needs. No more worrying about switching out different caps and trying to figure out where each one should go. With Carb It, three different caps conveniently rotate into one so that you can easily switch between any of them at any time. The high quality silicone material makes it incredibly sturdy and durable, while still remaining lightweight enough to keep your dabbing experience smooth and seamless.

Why settle for an ordinary carb cap when you can have the luxury of three all in one with Carb It? Get yours today and see why Carb It is quickly becoming the top choice for dabbers everywhere!