What are waxy oils?

Waxy oils are the pure concentrated form of a particular substance (i.e. lavender, chamomile and nicotine) in this form; the substance is condensed and therefor “stronger”. The benefits of concentrated substance are that it requires less per use.

A good example is alcohol. Typically beer ranges from 3-7% ABV (alcohol by volume), whereas spirits are typically 40-50% ABV. So 1oz of hard liquor can affect your body chemistry the same as 12oz of beer. The same goes for waxy oils; you can use less and get the same effect.

There are multiple varieties of nicotine “gel” that comes in a tube (think antibiotics or oral gel) for use with waxy oils vaporizers. Simple apply 2-3 dabs of the nicotine gel and you’re good to go. As with the “juice” form, there are a variety of strengths and flavors to choose from.


Of course with anything you put into your body, check the ingredients list for allergens before use to ensure a safe vape experience


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