The W by White Rhino is a great product to use for all of your waxy oil needs. In purchase of the W pen your new box features the following : 1 Cover, 1 Mouthpiece, 1 Waxy Oil Tool, 1 White Rhino W Battery, 1 White Rhino W Cartridge, 1 White Rhino USB Charger, 1 White Rhino Wall Charger. Your all new W by White Rhino comes in a high gloss finish available in 8 vibrant colors. The W is a lightweight vaporizer that brings attention to a new generation of vaping. White Rhino is one of the leading manufacturers in its industry. For a limited time only save 15% off your W by White Rhino using the code “blogWpen” this code is for use of purchasing a W by White Rhino only. We aim to deliver the best in quality and customer service, visit our store to purchase your W by White Rhino today!  

August 15, 2013 by White Rhino



Mark said:

Were can I get 1of these I’m n Houston Tx.


blaine said:

be careful w the battery if u dont hold the silver piece where the buttons at the battery will pull off the button…..sad day for me…..

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