As some who follow this blog may know, I like to occasionally take the opportunity to search the web for some of the coolest mods. I've done it twice before, you can check out part 1 and part 2. So, without further ado, here are 5 more of the coolest vape mods from around the web:

The Double Atomizer Box Mod

Double Atomizer Mod

This is a very basic but awesome mod, a box mod with 2 atomizers that comes to 1 mouthpiece. Sometimes, simple can be amazing!

Breaking Bad Box Mod

Breaking Bad Box Mod

Simple yet elegant, I hope nobody finds a way to use this with Blue Meth.

R2D2 Vape Mod

R2D2 Vape Mod

One can only hope this one beeps and boops at you incessantly when the battery is low.

Old School Iron Man Box Mod

Iron Man Box Mod

Rumor has it, this mod drops a witty one-liner at the end of every hit.

Sonic Screwdriver Mod

Sonic Screwdriver Mod

Those that read this blog regularly will know that I try to sneak something of Doctor who in every post. This mod made it easy, this is such an accurate replica of a sonic screwdriver that I passed this pic several times before I realized it was a mod.

So, there's 5 more awesome vape mods from around the web. Be sure to check out our blog list for more funny, insightful, and brutally honest blogs about vaping culture and those of us who inhabit it. To check out our products including vaporizers and accessories, go to our homepage at



Smoke & Dagger

Smoke & Dagger said:

Love the R2D2 Vape Mod. If only it could say lines from the movie ;-)


Kimberly said:

These are spectacular! Thanks for sharing!

Laptop Heaven

Laptop Heaven said:

I think Darth Vapor had all the good lines

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