4 Types of Vapers That Give Every Vaper a Bad Name


Vaping is one of my favorite hobbies. A lot of my friends vape also and we all enjoy it. The vaping community tends to be mostly made up of respectful, forward-thinking people who simply enjoy vaping as a hobby and can leave it at that. But like any other community, there are going to be certain kinds of vaping enthusiasts who give the rest of us a bad name. These are the people we’re calling out today, so if you’re doing these things you should really stop for all our sakes.

People Who Constantly Vape Indoors and Smoke Outdoors

Many people use vaping as a cessation tool to help quit smoking. There is nothing wrong with this if it helps you quit smoking. The problem comes in when you’re constantly vaping indoors and as soon as you get outside you’re lighting up a cigarette. It makes it look as though you can’t go 5 minutes without nicotine. This leads others to believe that vaping and smoking go hand in hand or that vaping is making nicotine addiction worse which is simply not the case.

People Who Treat Smokers Like They’re Beneath Them


There is an interesting psychological phenomenon that sometimes happens when a person is able to quit an addictive behavior or substance; that person will sometimes have this “If I did it, anybody can do it and everybody should do it” mentality. This mentality is no stranger to the vaping community. With a community that has grown from people using vaping as a tool to quit smoking, it has also grown sub-community of people who now look down at smokers. Just because you were able to quit smoking, doesn’t make you better than someone who hasn’t. They may be struggling to quit or they may just enjoy smoking and have no plans to quit. Either way, you are not better than them and you should respect them equally.

People Who Don’t Understand How to Vape Publicly

I went with a more general term here because if I broke it down for every environment, I’d be writing a novel. Vaping is not smoking, we all know this but that does not mean that vaping is acceptable in all public situations. If you’re vaping at your kid’s school, don’t do it inside and if you do it outside, be sure to stand a respectful distance away from where children are located. Also, don’t vape in a movie theater. It creates clouds of vapor that can be a distraction to other viewers. Essentially, the rule of thumb should be: Unless you ask or it is otherwise instructed, you should probably follow roughly the same rules as a smoker in order to be respectful of those who don’t share your enthusiasm for vaping. This also includes blowing vapor in someone’s face. Vapor may not be dangerous like secondhand smoke but that doesn’t mean other people want it in their face. If you’re vaping around someone who doesn’t vape, just turn your head and blow it the other way.

ECig Evangelists

It’s great that you’ve made the switch to ecigs/vaping but that doesn’t mean that everybody else wants to be constantly bombarded with how awesome it is. If the subject comes up and your friend mentions that he wants to quit smoking, by all means let him know how your ecig helped you and maybe recommend a good one for him to try. That doesn’t mean you need to be a walking advertisement for everything ecig at all times. This can actually be counterproductive and make people unwilling to try ecigs or vapes.

So, there you have it; the types of vapers that give the rest of us a bad name. Vaping can be an enjoyable experience, a fun hobby, and a great tool for quitting smoking. It should also be done with respect for others, inside and outside of the community. Have I missed anything? Let me know! Leave it in the comments or let us know on social media and if it’s good, I’ll update the blog and include it. For more news, information, and funny insights into the world of vaping, check out our vaping blog. If you’re looking for a vape, ecig, vape juice, or accessories, check out our fantastic selection at http://www.whiterhinoproducts.com/