Can Portable Dry Herb Vaporizers Handle Waxy Oils and Oils?

As vaporizers are continuing to evolve, so too are the people who use them. This means that the method with which they use them is changing as well. This is evident in the recent increase in uses of wax and oils in addition to dry herb. Traditionally, this would require purchasing and/or carrying a number of vaporizers to handle all the different materials you wish to use in your vaporizer. Is it possible for a vaporizer to do all 3?

How Do Portable Vaporizers Work?









The issue is in the necessary temperature range needed to vaporize dry herb versus wax and oil. Vaporizers work by heating the material to a temperature in which it will release vapor rather than burning. This temperature range can be very difficult to pin down and changes based on the material you’re vaporizing.

Dry herbs vaporize at a temperature of around 365F degrees. Oils require a bit more heat than that and waxes require even more. All that said, there’s also the matter of how they’re contained within the vaporizer. Dry Herb, Oils, and Waxes all require a different kind of bowl for effective vaporizing. So is there one portable vaporizer that can handle all 3 or are you doomed to carry around an assortment of vaporizers to meet all your vaporizing needs?

How Can One Handheld Vaporizer Handle All 3?

This has been the question for vaporizer manufacturers and users for some time now. The key is to get a vape that can heat to 3 different temperatures. In addition, it must have interchangeable bowls for each of the 3 substances. For a long time, the technology was simply not available.

Thankfully, this problem has been solved. There are now a couple of options to meet the needs of users who prefer to switch between substances rather than sticking to just one. White Rhino currently offers the best vape that can handle dry herb, wax, and oil.

How Does The Hylo Portable Vaporizer Work? 

By allowing the user to choose from 3 different heat settings, they can choose the temperature that best suits their needs for any wax, oil, or dry herb that choose. In addition, it also comes with 3 different, easily interchangeable, bowls that will accommodate any substance the user wishes to use in their vaporizer.

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