Take Your Electronic Cigarette or Vaporizer to the Next Level With These Accessories

March 05, 2015

Electronic Cigarettes have increased in popularity over the last couple years, and with that comes the popularity of attachment and accessories that allow you to customize your ecig in a manner befitting to you. Given the increase in popularity, it’s not surprising to learn that many companies are also developing accessories that range from amazing to downright strange. Today, we’re going to focus on the amazing side of that equation and talk about some of the coolest attachments and accessories available for your electronic cigarette or vaporizer available now.

The H2 & H3 Pen Adaptor (White Rhino)

The H2 

We’ll start out with one of our own products; these awesome attachments transform your vape pen into a mini bubbler. The H2 (above) creates a bubbler chamber on the side and has a unique look that will set your vaporizer apart from all the rest.

The H3

The function of the H3 is the same as the H2 but with a much sleeker, low-key design that is easier to attach, hold and use.

So there are just a couple of the coolest accessories and attachments for your vaporizer or electronic cigarette. There are plenty more out there, including some that we offer. Having a vape pen is only the beginning of your vaping experience. With accessories like these, there’s no limit to what you can do with your vaporizer.

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