Our Disposable Wax Vape Pen Is the First of Its Kind

There are other disposable vape pens on the market, but there aren't any like this one. Our disposable wax vape pen was made so you can enjoy vaping with wax without a huge financial investment in a pen. Our disposable Dube is made exclusively for use with waxy oils. Simply dab your waxy oils and your Dube is ready to use. It will last for approximately 100 puffs, giving you plenty of great vaping action. Once you are done with it, simply dispose of it. 

Our disposable Dube is a great way to share waxy oils with your friends, too. Load up a new disposable for them and let them experience the joy of vaping with wax for themselves. If they love it, they can either get their own disposable or invest in a reusable wax vape pen from White Rhino. We'll have everything they need to get started. You can also use the disposables to try new waxes and discover different flavors or strengths. We love keeping a few of these on hand for travel, too, because you won't be as sad to lose a $14.99 wax vape pen on the road. 

Our disposable Dube comes in three different color choices: green, black, and silver. You'll get a disposable battery, mouthpiece, and packing tool. Have questions about our disposable wax vape pen or any of the other products you see in White Rhino's online store? Give us a call. Our team loves talking to our customers and answering their questions, and we'll make sure you have the information you need about our products. Place an order on our website and when you spend $75 we'll ship your order for free!