How Do You Mix Your White Rhino E Cigarette Juice?

One of the best things about the e-cigarette juice from White Rhino is how easy it is to mix a custom flavor. Our e-cigarette juice comes in over 30 different flavors, so you can mix and match to find the flavor combination that's just right for you. The mixes are endless, and to get you started we created a E-Cigarette Juice Mixology page on Pinterest. Check out it and discover new flavors to use in your White Rhino vape pen! Here is one of our favorites:

Peach Orchard Punch
1/3 Peach White Rhino e-cigarette juice
1/3 Apple White Rhino e-cigarette juice
1/3 Grape White Rhino e-cigarette juice





Or for the coffee lovers, the Macchiato: 
1/3 Mocha Latte White Rhino e-cigarette juice
1/3 Vanilla White Rhino e-cigarette juice
1/3 Butterscotch White Rhino e-cigarette juice









Those are just two to get you started...check out the Mixology page for tons of other combinations! We'd love to hear about the combinations you've created, too. Leave us a comment and tell us your favorite way to mix your White Rhino e-cigarette juice. 

Don't forget that our e-cigarette juice is available in six different nicotine strengths, from 0mg to 24mg so you can get the strength you need for the best vaping experience. If you are new to using White Rhino's e-cigarette juice, check out our mix and match pack. You'll get 6 White Rhino flavors for just $49.99! That's a great savings and a terrific way to build up your flavor collection. Place your order today