The Sleek V2 Air Series is set to launch in January 2015. So in celebration of the new series we are giving away 20 vaporizer pens on February 1st. The Sleek Air Series will come in 10 different patterns and included the all new clear mouthpiece.



December 10, 2014 by White Rhino


Jade petrie

Jade petrie said:

@jadepeatree on Instagram!
Would love to rep white rhino!

Toni Vincent

Toni Vincent said:

I haven’t ever won anything. Would be sweet to win one. Been a depressing year.

Christian Dryer

Christian Dryer said:

Love all white rhino products I have and I would love to say the same for this!!

Guillermo cruz

Guillermo cruz said:

Sleek v2 air series

John Anderson Jr.

John Anderson Jr. said:

Would love to win one my first trifecta I had purchased had quit working within days….

Charles McAulay

Charles McAulay said:

Would love to own a white Rhino vape pen ( like the dube), im from Scotland and a massive fan of all white Rhino products, i enter the competitions in the hope that on one occasion i will proudly see my name on the winners list. ( fingers crossed)

Hopefully sooner rather than later

Ashley Mathews

Ashley Mathews said:

Omfg tyedyes

Jamie Tyler

Jamie Tyler said:

As the Admin of Vaping Venue Forum, it would be very nice to have the chance to review a new product for our members and others out there. We do honest reviews of all products and vendors, but in a fun format. Come on, you know you want to send us one! lol

anja jacobson

anja jacobson said:

Want to buy one how much are they and will they b available soon also how do I get a white rhino tank top I didn’t see any available

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