The upgraded Torrid 2 Electronic Nail

One of our most popular products has just had just been re-invented and fans are loving it. The Torrid Portable Electronic Nail was first introduced back in July 2015. It was the first of it’s kind. A portable and rechargeable e-nail with a built it reclaimer, replaceable triple coil and a 6 in 1 adapter. It was a game changer, something new and different. The only problem people had was it did not hit like a real nail. The triple coils did not get hot enough to get thick milky clouds users wanted. Well we listened to our users and 2 years later we are pleased to announce the Torrid 2 Portable Electronic Nail.

The Torrid 2 electronic nail now has 4 new key features compared to the original model. A ceramic nail head, 3 temperature settings, 4 minute timer and a open top glass cap.

Torrid 2 Best E-Nail

The original Torrid had a triple coil atomizer that was activated when you pressed and held down the button. The new Torrid 2 now has a ceramic nail head and is activated when you press the button down for 3 seconds. Now the Torrid 2 will warm up and after about 30 seconds is ready to use for about 4 minutes of continual use and then it will auto shut off. No need to hold the button down as we know you need that hand to pack your content

3 Temperature Settings. The original Torrid had one setting and that was it. The torrid 2 now has 3 temperature settings for you to change to the perfect temperature for the type of material you are using. Low temperature setting at 600-630 degrees, medium 700-730 degrees and High at 800-830 degrees

Torrid Enail 3 Temperature Settings

The Torrid 2 now has a open glass top with cap and packing tool. The plastic cap that came on the Torrid was inconvenient for users. So now the Torrid 2 enail features a open glass top with a stainless steel cap with a packing tool attached to it. This allows the user to open and close the enail as needed.