Tanks 101

Liquid Tanks 101

With so many e juice tanks on the market it can be hard to choose which one is good for you and what the differences between the tanks are. There are tanks that have one to multiple tanks, wick less or invisible tanks and bottom replacement coil tanks. So how do you choose what one will work for you and what the advantage of certain one are? Well here at White Rhino we will help you make the right choice and educate you on all kinds of liquid tanks.

Wicked tanks are the most common type of tanks. They can range from a single wick to multiple wicks. The purpose of the wick is to absorb the e juice and get evaporated by the tanks heating system to produce vapor. So what is the advantage of multiple wicks? The more wicks you have the more liquid that is absorbed and then evaporated by the tank to produce thick clouds of vapor. Once the tank stop producing adequate vapor then its time to dispose of the whole tank and get a new one.

Invisible Wick tanks is where the wick is actually inside the middle and not visible. If you look closely there are holes in the middle that allow the wick to absorb the liquid juice. This is just a preference over wicked tanks. 

Wick-less tanks like our Trifecta tank is actually made with a ceramic middle so there is not wick. These type of tanks are better for thick oils.

Bottom Coil Tanks are great because most of the time you can buy replacement wicks instead of buying a whole new tank. The initial investment maybe a little more pricey in the beginning but is cheaper in the long run.