Reclaim It - Rasta

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Reclaim It is a sleek and stylish silicone reclaim catcher. You just attach it to your waterpipe or dab rig and it takes away all the hassle of cleaning out sticky black resin by catching it instead. This might sound too good to be true but it isn't; don't take our word for it - try it out yourself - you won't be disappointed. Our design has 14mm and 19mm adaptors that fit both waterpipes and bangers, giving users multiple options in choose their set-up. With Reclaim It, no more clogged up or dirty rigs – Reclaim It does all the hard work for you!

This isn’t just a regular smoking accessory either; get in on the action now and add some style to your setup! Reclaim It Fits modern rigs like two peas in a pod and looks great while doing all its work at the same time. Show everyone who’s boss with Style’s newest product – Reclaim It. Try it now and make sure that big break doesn’t go unnoticed!

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